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Centrally located between Austin, San Antonio, and just a 120 minute drive to the Gulf Coast, discover the rich natural, cultural and historical attractions nearby. Our park with modern conveniences is the ideal yet affordable place to set up camp, while exploring all that South Texas has to offer.

The Texas Independence War Near Gonzales

The Texas Independence War Near Gonzales

The¬†Battle of Gonzales¬†was the first military engagement of the Texas Revolution. On October 2, 1835, the war was fought by rebellious Texans and Mexican soldiers who clashed in the small town of Gonzales. This small skirmish turned out to have larger consequences, as it was considered to be the first battle of the Texas War of Independence from Mexico. For this reason, the fight at Gonzales is sometimes referred to as “the Lexington of Texas,” the place which ignited the first fighting of the American Revolutionary War.

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